Tattoo Shops in St Augustine – Revolver Ink

Many of you have been following my artwork since high school and know my love for Tattoo Shops in St Augustine. Most of you have asked when am I going to start tattooing myself. I have been hesitant to begin tattooing because I have been waiting for the right opportunity. 

I am inviting you to this event to tell you all about this amazing project that I have been fortunate to be included in. Danny Harmon of The Electric Chair Tattoo St. Augustine, FL, one of the Tattoo Shops in St Augustine, is planning on opening a second shop called Revolver Ink. Revolver will be specifically for artists looking for short and long term guest spots who are ready to travel to tattoo shops in St Augustine and do great custom work alongside other tattoo artists from around the world.

We are launching our own Kickstarter Project to make this become one of the most amazing Tattoo Shops in St Augustine. The money from this project will be helping us set up the tattoo shop from scratch. We will have to buy sterilization equipment, tattoo machines, furniture, artwork, and everything else that a shop needs to function. 

Please help make this possible by checking out our Kickstarter project and spreading the word! We are so excited to get this started, it’s going to be an amazing highlight for Tattoo Shops in St Augustine.




Tattoo Shops In St Augustine – Sailor Cher’s

February of 2013 introduced us to one of the newest Tattoo Shops in St Augustine. Sailor Cher’s Tattoo & Body Piercing  is a family owned and operated tattoo and body piercing studio. Not only is Sailor Cher’s family owned but it is also an all female studio. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Sailor Cher, you are certainly in for an experience. As quoted on their website, “Sailor Cher is a tattooed, pierced, stiletto-heeled, Harley-riding old broad who could probably kick your ass…but she won’t.” Sailor Cher has been in the business for almost ten years and continues to grow as an artist and a business owner.

Accompanying Cher, in one of the only all female Tattoo shops in St Augustine, are her two daughters Molly and Erin. Erin .G apprenticed under Sailor Cher as a piercer and has now been piercing for five years. “Working on clients of all ages, infants to seniors, Erin.g offers all types of piercings, stretching, and bodily ornamentation. However, she specializes in exotic piercings.” Molly, the shop’s manager, just graduated from Flagler College this past year with her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Fine Art. Molly has been involved in the industry for four years now but has been getting work done in Tattoo Shops in St Augustine since she was 15. Check out some of Molly’s ink here. 

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Phone: 904-679-1188

4540-3 US1 North
St. Augustine, Fl 32095

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Brook’s Venture to the Fountain of Youth

Although New Skin Tattoo is no longer one of the tattoo shops in St. Augustine, we haven’t lost artist Brook Dean. Over the past two years I have gotten to know Brook and I could not have been happier to hear about his move to Ms. Deborah’s Fountain of Youth. I got the chance to ask Brook a few questions about his career and the new location, take a look at what he had to say.

I am a firm believer that being in a new environment with new people can have a great impact on your work, do you think the change to Ms. Deborah’s has affected your artistic style?
The environment is a huge impact and has given me not just years of resources, but other artists with years of tattooing under their belts. Of course my style is affected in many ways.

Has there been one thing in particular that you think you have improved on since switching tattoo shops in St. Augustine?
One thing I always try to improve on is one of the basics….fucking line work. It’s improved since I’ve been here for two reasons. First having been told some good stretching techniques and second my Mickey Sharps micro dial I scored when I got here.

I always feel like tattoo artists have such an awesome job because you never know what’s going to walk through the door next, what is one of the craziest requests that you have had since you started in the industry?
I mean what’s out of the norm here? It’s a fucking tattoo shop. If we are talking about weird tattoos, a couple wanted ketchup and mustard packets. It’s not crazy, but weird and I like when people are kinda funny with tattoos.

Have you noticed a change in the types of images people have asked for over the years you’ve been working in tattoo shops in St. Augustine?
Five years seems like a long time, but not enough to notice anything big. I guess the fact that more people want something of quality.

After the change from New Skin to Ms. Deborah’s Fountain of Youth, would you say that the atmosphere of the shop an artist is working in can influence their work ethic?
A strong work ethic is what keeps me going. Back at New Skin it wasn’t as busy as here. So drawing and painting kept me going and stoked. Now at Ms. Deborah’s painting still keeps me stoked but in a different way. Like shit I’ve tattooed alot and seen some cool shit, I’m gonna paint something like it.

To schedule and appointment with Brook call the shop at 904.825.0108
or just stop by 78 Lemon St. St. Augustine, FL 32084 (<– click the link for directions)


Inkin’ up the West Coast

Tattoo shops in St. Augustine are full of talented artists, but my latest ink came all the way from San Diego, California. I am awful at planning things so when my boyfriend and I sat down to plan our California vacation, the only thing we agreed must happen was getting tattooed and seeing the pandas at the zoo.

Instead of drawing my tattoo out before hand like I normally would have, we both decided to just let the trip decide what we got. What we did have to choose was which shop we went to. After researching I found the shop of my dreams, Buju Tattoo, which is ran by some badass chicks with a whole lot of talent. Unfortunately we couldn’t get there for our tattoos but we did end up stumbling upon what happens to be the oldest standing tattoo shop on the west coast, Tahiti Felix’s Master Tattoo. This place was nothing like tattoo shops in St. Augustine, it was practically a museum!

After 2 hours of sitting I had a beautiful quail (California state bird) on my forearm, done by the amazing Phil Hatchet Yau. Jarrod got a gnarly traditional style wolf done by the owner of the shop himself, Tahiti Gil. The experience was amazing up until I tried to use the atm to pay and I found out my bank was withholding my funds because of suspected fraud… awkward.

Regardless, we spent an awesome day in the Gaslamp Quarter with really talented people and left with some amazing artwork. Check out some of the artwork at Buju Tattoo and Tahihi Felix’s Master Tattoo. If you are looking for tattoo shops in St. Augustine then hit up Ms. Deborah’s Fountain of Youth or Sailor Cher’s!